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Why Are R-2000 Homes Healthier to Live In?

Health Canada has been studying the health of people before and after moving into new R-2000 homes and non-R2000 homes.  Their results clearly indicate “that people who moved into R-2000 houses found that their health improved more than those who moved into conventional houses.”

Urbandale R-2000 homes are healthier than conventional houses because they have improved indoor air quality.  We do this in three ways:  1) by reducing sources of indoor air pollutants, 2) by bringing in fresh outdoor air, and 3) by filtering the indoor air, through the use of an electronic air cleaner.

Reducing Sources of Indoor Air Pollutants

Indoor air pollutants known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are emitted from a wide variety of traditional building materials and are known to have negative health effects. Concentrations of many VOCs are often up to 10 times higher in traditionally built houses than outdoors!  You know that “new house smell” you find in most new construction?  That smell is actually toxins in the air from all the chemicals used during the house construction process.

Urbandale R-2000 homes reduce the sources of these toxins by specifying materials that have fewer VOCs.  Our paints, carpets, adhesives and cabinets are all third-party certified to be low-toxicity.  Did you know that conventional cabinetry is made with formaldehyde- the same chemical they use to embalm corpses?!!  Our cabinetry is formaldehyde free.  By reducing the sources of indoor air pollutants in all of these important building materials, we reduce the amount of toxins in the air.

Bringing in Fresh Outdoor Air

Urbandale R-2000 homes use a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) to draw in fresh air from outside while recovering heat generated from inside. These units allow for controlled intake of fresh outdoor air, so that the stale indoor air is constantly being replenished with fresh outdoor air without sacrificing energy efficiency.

Filtering the Indoor Air with an Electronic Air Cleaner

An Electronic Air Cleaner will remove up to 98% of bacteria, dust, pollen, and other microbial indoor air pollutants from the air you breathe.  This technology is especially important for families with pets, or for people with allergies.  Electronic air cleaners are more efficient than standard filters because they don’t become “loaded” with dirt, which can cause the heating and cooling system to work harder.

As a builder, the health of our customers that live in our homes is our greatest responsibility.  By removing the sources of pollutants, bringing in fresh outdoor air, and filtering your indoor air through an electronic air cleaner, R-2000 homes have been proven to improve the health of families living in them.

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