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April 23, 2010 2 Comments

Carleton University High Performance Housing Project

Over the last year, I’ve been working closely with Carleton University Engineering students on their final year project focused on High Performance Housing.

The project was structured with Urbandale as the client requesting the students to research innovations in Green Building and recommend ways that Urbandale can improve the energy efficiency performance of our homes.

The 25 students were split into six groups- Renewable Energy, Building Envelope, HVAC, Solar Rankine Cycle, Electrical Systems, and the Urbandale Group. The Urbandale Group was responsible for amalgamating the research of the other groups and applying it to a specific Urbandale home design.

The students finished the year with a final presentation of their work to their professors, industry experts and myself. They also prepared a detailed report covering all of their findings from the year.

I’m very proud of the work these students did, and extremely impressed with the quality of the research and innovative ideas that they came up with. I’ve been making my way through their final report (it’s over 500 pages!!) and have been getting some great ideas that I hope to be able to include in future designs of Urbandale homes.

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2 Responses to "Carleton University High Performance Housing Project"

  1. Ahmed says:

    Good Evening .May you send/share with me the project report. i am interested in making final year project

  2. Matthew Sachs says:

    Hi Ahmed,
    You can download the full report from this link on the Carleton University website:


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